• FCC delays vote on incentive auction proposals

    07.15.15 | Save Wireless Choice

    By Brooks Boliek, Politico

    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is pulling a pair of items related to the upcoming incentive auction from Thursday’s meeting, according to commission officials.

    Wheeler told GOP leaders on the House Energy and Commerce committee that he was delaying the vote until next month.

    “In the spirit of cooperation that has marked our work together on the incentive auctions, I am today postponing Commission consideration of this order and the related reconsideration of the mobile spectrum holdings order until the Commission’s next regularly scheduled meeting on August 6,” Wheeler wrote in a letter mailed today. “I believe that even with this delay we will be able to stay on course for the first quarter of 2016.”

    House Republicans suggested yesterday that the vote should be delayed, after the agency released information late last week for broadcasters and other parties which might take part in the incentive auction. As POLITICO reported this morning, Wheeler has having a hard time getting votes for the rules because of concerns about what would happen with unlicensed devices if TV stations were placed in the so-called “duplex gap,” which is used to prevent interference between cellular uploads and downloads.